Podcast Ignition System for a Popular and Profitable Podcast

Get Quality Guests on Autopilot

The #1 way to be found is to have quality guests and to do it consistently. Keep your calendar full of the best guests each and every episode - without the stress.

"If you don't love having guests on your show, or haven't seen a return on it, you're doing it wrong. Use our system to run White Glove Strategic Guesting like clockwork."

~ Tiffany Youngren


Happy Guests Promote Your Show

✔️ Those top names show up on search - the #1 way listeners find new shows

✔️ Even if your guests never say a word about your show, their followers are looking for them and will find you

✔️ Happy guests are more likely to promote your show when their episode releases as you stay top of mind

✔️ The system runs on autopilot and is VA-friendly.

How to Get Amazing Guests for Your Podcast

If you don't love having guests on your show, or haven't seen a return on it, you're doing it wrong.

Get Your Podcast Found

The First Way Listeners Find New Podcasts

40% of Listeners' first "go to" to find a new podcast is the app's directory. Imagine how many people are searching for your top guests, and add those search results to the listers who are looking for your show!

Build Valuable Collaborations

The First Way Listeners Find New Podcasts

Imagine meeting the right people to partner up with and increase BOTH of your revenues! Josh Tapp recently shared on Next Up Nation that he generates more income from collaborations than all of his revenue combined! (Listen here).


Thoughtful, Automated Outreach

This is our entire process. You can take it and try to replicate it - or we'll set you up with all the templates and help you get rollling.

4 Stages of Podcasting Prep Production Promotion Profit

You make a list of potential guests that fit your ideal criteria, then run the system

STAGE 1: Make a great first impression so cold prospects become warm leads

STAGE 2: Warm leads become guests

STAGE 3: Get those "yes's" on the books

STAGE 4: Prepare and nurture guests for the interview

STAGE 5: Turn guests into promoters, collaborators, and clients

The 5 Stages to a Profitable, White Glove Experience for the Best Guests

Make a great first impression


Oh, and While You're at it: Profit from Podcasting!

Our podcasters use the 3 main Profit Pillars to grow their business and monetize their show. Here they are:

  1. STRATEGIC GUESTING: The right kind of guests provide amazing content to share, but you can also see continuing a relationship beyond the interview.
  2. ON AIR LEAD GENERATION: Your audience is listening to your advice and they tune in for entertainment, education, and inspiration. Give them a next step by offering a Call to Action (CTA).
  3. PARTNER PLACEMENT: Service providers and vendors who share the same target audience, but are NOT direct competitors, can become Sponsors. They can sponsor a segment or ad.
The 3 Profit Pillars of Podcasting - Guests - Listeners - Collaborators
Strategic Guesting to Profit at Podcasting

Strategic Guesting: Invite people from 3 segments - Prospects, Partners, and Rock Stars

How Strategic Guesting Works for Fun and Profit

If your annual revenue from just one of your clients is $12,000 - you can pay for top shelf podcast production costs (easily) with just 3 clients in a single year. But why break even when there is a huge potential for profit? Here is an example:

  • 50 Total Interviews in 1 Year: Out of the 50 interviews, invite 35 potential clients. Bring on 10 potential partner/collaborators, and the rest are "rock star dream guests."
  • 5 Clients: What is your closing rate? If you close even 15%, that's 5 clients! If your average client generates just $12,000 in annual revenue, for example, that's $54,000 in new income - NOT INCLUDING THE "Partnership" Opportunities!!

MyPodBlast Platform Powered by HighLevel

Get the best tools in the industry and amazing support. You'll confidently approach ANY potential guest, build more relationships with incredible people, and discover how to actually profit with podcasting with our White Glove Strategic Guesting system.

Part 1: Proactively Reach Out to the RIGHT Potential Guests

By approaching the absolutely most ideal guests, potential guests, collaborators, and "rock stars," and following our 5-Stage White Glove Strategic Guesting System, you could 10x your investment. We'll show you how.

Podcast Guest Prospecting Sheet

Part 2: Automate to Save 20+ Hours Per Week (Easily)

We set you up with automations that YOU own, and you'll be saving a ton of time from the very beginning.

Lead Worksheet: Leads from your worksheet directly to your White Glove Strategic Guesting so you can work on prospecting from the WS.

Processes SOPs for Podcast Production

Cold to Warm: The MyPodBlast CRM AI "watches" for a positive response during the first stage of outreach. That positive response sends them to Stage 2.

Processes SOPs for Podcast Production

3 More Automations: There are at least 3 more geeky back-end automations that you should never have to think about (but they make your life better).

Processes SOPs for Podcast Production

Part 3 THE MAIN COURSE: Set it and Forget it Until You Get Some News (Then It Runs Itself Again the Rest of the Way)

Step Right In and Book Your Best Guests and Wow them with Our "White Glove Experience" through Automated and Customized Landing Pages, Thank You Pages, Emails, Texts, Schedulers, and Reminders - All Integrated and Seem to Magically Put all of That Valuable Information into the Right Places

Web Pages to Turn Prospects into Guests: You get Landing, Interview Booking, and Thank You Pages

Podcast Guest Management landing Plages

Triggers Work Behind the Scenes: To make your job easy, more than 9 Triggers are set up to do your busy work (Custom Setup for Bonus Triggers is Additional)

Podcast Automation Triggers

The 5 Stages to Go from First Impression to Promoting Dream Guests: More than 12 Campaigns (7 are Part of the White Glove Strategic Guesting + 5 bonuses)

Podcast Ignition System Finding Guests Campaigns

Emails, Texts, Calls, and Even a Hand Written Note Card: Over 35 communication Templates and Scripts that work inside your campaigns.

Podcast Guest Email Templates

Custom Fields to Send Important Information to Guests: the automations and triggers send important information to the custom fields so emails can be customized and you have easy access to the most important information.

Podcast Guest Management landing Plages

Your Show is Special, so the Templates Reflect Your Brand: When you get your account, update the Custom Values so the Templates are accurate to YOUR brand and your podcast.

Podcast Automation Triggers

Podcast Interview Calendar: The Custom Calendars are used to Schedule Interviews and Quick Info Calls.

Podcast Guest Management landing Plages

The Intake Form: The Intake Form using a template we've developed over the last few years is inside the landing page for guests. Also included is an "unsubscribe" form.

Podcast Automation Triggers


What About All 4 Pillars?

If you REALLY want to crush it at podcasting, check out our full Podcast Ignition System. With POIS you conquer the 4 P's of Podcasting with streamlined systems that put your team in the driver's seat - you just show up with your talent and press "record"!

The 4 P's of Podcasting Covered by the Podcast Ignition System:





Strategic Guesting is a GREAT start, and there is so much more. After the 90 Days to Ignition investment of $15k, the whole Podcast Ignition SYSTEM (POIS) is $397 / month.

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